Looking for Digital Paintball 3? You can download this amazing paintball game and play it on your computer offline or online for completely no cost! Yes you heard right, Digital Paintball 3 doesn't cost anything at all and that is because it was developed by it's players! You download it for free here and install it on your computer. Have fun playing digital paintball!

Digital Paintball 3 is the latest game for paintball and it has state of the art graphics just like any other modern game whether it's a role playing game or a warfare game. There are many new features in Digital Paintball 3 that were requested from Digital Paintball 2 users and we are happy to announce them!

Shooting successfully the enemy will me tough

In this game you will find everything there is to be found in modern game! Many maps for you to explore and many challenges for you and your friends to play! If you don't have friends to play with you can always play online with other players from all over the world.

We have worked hard to make the graphics in Digital Paintball 3 better as many players complained about the modest graphics quality in Digital Paintball 2. As gaming has evolved so has the gaming industry and we don't want to be left behind!

You will find that the graphics in D.P.3 are very good and the game itself  is very light and fast. As time is essential in paintball so that you can move, cover, attack, and respond to others we have put a lot of work to make this game as light and fast as possible whilst keeping the graphics at a good level.

Ambush the enemies to get a clear shot and eliminate the oposition!
  • More than 100 new maps for you to explore and play on.
  • 3D Graphics are much better than Digital Paintball 3.
  • Online games with up to 50 players in very big maps.
  • Local game with friends, just connect your Facebook account and it will find your friends.
  • Much cheaper than Digital Paintball 2.
  • Night challenges are also available in offline and online mode.
  • A big variety of 17 types of guns for you to chose from.
We understand that the factor of price is also important so decided to offer this game in a very low price. What we did is to provide a "Download  Now" option which enables you to download the game for free as long as you complete 1 advertiser sponsored offer. 
If you decide to complete an offer instead of purchasing the game you still have access to everything and you get 2 copies of the game for free so that you can play with your friends!

 Your online download is protected by 256-bit encryption making it 100% secure.

We understand that the factor of price is also important so decided to offer this game in a very low price. We have even provided a "Download  for Free" option which enables you to download the game for free as long as you complete 1 advertiser sponsored offer. 
This game is free and such as it is you will be able to play with your friends right away without having to pay anything more!!


One of the 100+ maps in digital paintball 3

Night mode also available in digital paitnball

As you can clearly see digital paintball is one of the latest paintball game titles with stunning graphics that will surely impress you once you download. By downloading digital paintball 3 you will receive the hole game along with it's 100+ maps and with all the different varieties of guns you could possibly imagine.

You may thing that this must be wrong, such an awesome game must have price and shouldn't be given out for free, well that is why we have added 1 requirement before you download digital paintball 3, you have to complete 1 short offer and after that the download of digital paintball three will automatically start with no delay! You can be sure about the quality of the game just by looking at the screenshots of the in-game action in digital paintball 3 which was just recently released out to the public in full edition and not in demo or beta.

No demos ,no betas, no keys, no money, just a short offer and after that you'll download one of the best games ever produced in my opinion.

It's the digital paintball's unique theme, latest graphic animations and cost that make it a top notch game. You might have played COD or some other shooting game but here you will enjoy realistic in game action with your friends and not strangers you have never met with!

So if you are convinced that this game is the something you would like to spend an evening or two playing, or maybe enjoy playing with your friends then you shouldn't wait, not many things are free in life, digital paintball 3 - pc edition though is free. So go ahead and download it!!